• Students and Staff - Help logging in from home

Students and Staff - Help logging in from home

Use the 'Students and Staff' link.

Your username is your gnumber@ wilmslowhigh.com (e.g. G97865@wilmslowhigh.com)

Your password is the same password you use to login into a school computer

I can't log in - why?

Your password may have expired in school (try logging on at school to check)

Ask a teacher or ISS (room 127) to reset your password (make sure you set a new password in school before trying again at home).

Someone else could have logged into firefly on the same computer

If someone else in your family has accessed firefly (or an office 365 account) your internet browser may have remembered their details. You can try using a different browser (e.g. Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox) or you can try to clear the cache on your browser.

I've tried both of these

Please contact ISS in room 127 at school.